Quiet or Silent

A couple of my journals ask about my meditation time. What type, how long, my reactions. Most times I don’t have a set mantra, I aim for silence. I become quiet.

Or am I quiet in order to listen to the silence.

The language of these two words refers to absolute adjective and non-absolute. No noise is silent; not very loud you’re quiet.

My view during this time is nothing so defined. Neither are really even adjectives. I become quiet in the silence.

I am silent in the quiet.

I really can’t explain it, but I makes sense for me. Maybe you get it, but it’s okay if you don’t. The suggestion I’m trying to share is through any self process you will find what calms, balances, restores you and you may want to share the unsharable because it fits so well and has such an impact that you want it for others.

Remember everyone will be different.

Remember there’s no right or wrong.

Runners, those who work out in the ring or with weights, swimmers, I’ve heard them all talk about the perfect moment. The high. I’ve found mine.

Find your, please. It will, perhaps, change or enhance or maybe just ease your breathing and tense shoulders.


Trust – yourself.

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