If it’s not this it’s that…

And from there it will be something else and something else again.

Have you heard the saying…humans make plans and _____ laughs. I’ve left that blank for numerous reasons please fill it in as you will.

Today, like every day, I “looked” inside to what I was feeling/thinking and then shuffled and picked a tarot card. I’m not sure what or how I believe about the tarot, but it has given me a direction to which to think further on my first thought. No, I’m not looking for fortune/future telling…frankly I don’t want any of that, let my life unfold as it will.

I use the card picked as a way to relook at my original feeling/thinking. I’ll admit sometimes it’s a tad unnerving how they match. But, can a random pick really match my feel/thought or how much am I reading into it. Same can be said for any book you choose to quote.

Is the universe that random?

Thirty-four years ago, dang, it was exactly thirty-four Mays ago, I let go the idea of finding the husband. I gave myself permission, basically, that I was okay looking after myself. The Canadian May 2/4 weekend of thirty-four years ago he asked me out on a date. Two years after that we married.

Okay, was the universe or whatever being random or waiting on me?

I was told my attitude regarding my cancer was inspirational. That having such an attitude goes a long way in dealing and even healing. My attitude? What attitude? I simply figured why wouldn’t I get cancer. My dad had cancer. Loads of relatives died from cancer. The Canadian rate for cancer is 1 in 4. So, why wouldn’t I be one of those? I wasn’t blasé about it. I had my moments of fearfulness of leaving my daughter (and family), but there wasn’t much any of us could do but keep doing what we were doing.

Randomness of surviving or was the universe or whatever thinking differently?

It’s always something. It can be any degree of the good, the bad, or the ugly…or the repeat, which I’m wondering if I already wrote something like this years ago.

Oh well, some moments of life are worth repeating.

Enjoy your randomness.

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