Me? Funny?

During one of my morning writings or it was the mediation, I had the memory of a few nurses and staff commenting and even praising my humour. Me? Funny? Never thought I was. Don’t think anyone in my regular life ever considered me funny.

Then again I wasn’t caring who thought what of me, I was laid bare for all and any to see. There was no hiding imperfections or anything.

Guess being that ill and confined and dependent will do that to a person – free them from worry, from self-consciousness. Let’s face it when a nurse walks around your bed curtain to help the nurse who’s changing you and you’re literally wide open – what else can you do but laugh and say hello.

Yup, true story. My story – one of them (psst, ever have your ____ changed while standing up, yup)

How else would you react but laugh and make light of the situation? Complaining and embarrassment simply hampers the journey.

So, could this fearful recovering social phobic ever think standup comedy? The thought crossed my mind. I even visualized the night. Laugh at the crazy moments I’ve lived through. Share the awkwardness of life.

Would you laugh with me?

You can, I want you to laugh. Life is a strange time, laugh when you can.

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