Unplugging in today’s world

One of my daily journal books is: Unplug. It asks you to decide how much time you want to be unplugged then check in and look back over your day. There’s different sections to look at – move, learn, reflective, and more – you have the idea.  I have a strange time when I’m filling in this book.

What is unplugging?

I know some who take this to mean being offline, off any electronics, but is it also unplugging from day to day “busyness?”

That type of unplugging takes me to games – online or a gaming device. It takes me to my eReaders. Even watching a movie.

It also takes me to meditating. Doing my journal time in silence. And I’ve started walking outside. All in and away from anything electronic – plugged in.

So, how do I use this journal book? Am I cheating by not walking away from powered machines? Is it possible to do a whole day, hours at a time without any electricity? Even my Fitbit is technically plugged in and nudging me to move every hour.

Is it about unplugging your stress, your frustrations, unplugging from the demands around you. Unplugging from all that cry for your attention.  Unplug your attention versus your actions. It used to be easy to do homework with music blaring, today I know I miss something when I share my attention and still I do it.

I’ve known along what unplugging is for me – attention devoted to one thing whether electronic or not that takes me away from the noise. Something that clears my mind and energy of the busyness around me. Anything that helps keep me on track and moving forward.

How do you unplug?

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