Frustrations or My dad’s birthday

  • Which do I write about?
  • Let alone I’m posting this after his day

I’m writing this a week before and I want to write about how I allow myself to get frustrated too easily. However, I feel I should write about my dad considering it’s his birthday week.

I’m not dishonouring him by not writing about him, but would I be ignoring my needs if I do? Some will read this as being selfish – I should put myself second – but that’s part of the frustration. How many times do we put or feel second, third, last?

Not that this is today’s case, I know my dad would want me to do what I need to keep myself healthy. So, Happy Birth-Week dad.

Frustrations. How many times does this come across or get confused with anger? There are many times I am frustrated but sound angry. Come across as being mad. My frustrated self happens too often and too fast to be true anger.

And that’s frustrating.

The cat meowing for entrance to the room and my lap during my writing or meditation time is frustrating. I snap at interruptions.

I’m frustrated that it’s taking longer to come back from cancer healing than I think it should. Like I have control over that. I have very little control over anything and that’s frustrating.

I could go on about frustrations and how we all have them. But, you know what, I’ve written enough. I don’t need to keep writing the word frustrate, frustrated, frustrating, frustration.

Acknowledging that I am struggling, at times, is a step away from being _____________. I’m not mad or angry. I’m learning to distinguish and that’s very non-frustrating.

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