The Time I Lost My Thought

It wasn’t thirty minutes ago that I had, what I thought was a perfect writing point. It was floating in my mind smoothly and easily. It felt right.

I took a drink of water. I walked to get my pen and notebook. I sat back down. I forgot the perfect thought. The blank page stared at me in my perceived view of confusion. My hand and pen struggled with the non-motion of writing. And, my mind stayed blank.

Instead of that glorious flowing insightful thought, I’m writing this to share what we miss. Maybe that’s the whole message – when we go chasing after a brief wonderful magic we can end up missing what is right in front of us.

Or – don’t let the moment escape by not taking the time to – capture, grab – more likely not taking the time to appreciate it. Experience it. Watch, hear, live it.

There will be moments we will miss. Life’s needs and demands guarantee this; however, there are these small moments where we can stop and just remain in them and be part of them.

Right now I’m thinking about when my husband is making coffee, I dislike coffee, really dislike it; however, our daughter loves its scent and will ask to smell it. She takes that tiny amount of time to stop and smell the coffee (bad pun, I know). I’m starting to stop and concentrate on the water I drink. To feel the water fill me. Sounds strange, maybe stupid? Try it.

I may have lost that one thought, but I gained more.

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