Whether it’s a social medium changing how they allow you to schedule a post or the politics of your area, change happens. Are you open to it? Do you have a choice?

This thought came about as I tried to schedule one of my other Facebook page’s posts, the process had changed. There wasn’t anything wrong with the old process. Heck, there wasn’t anything wrong with the old view of Facebook and they changed that as well. When you’re using someone else’s medium you go with the changes or you leave.

Adapt and adjust and finally accept.

Which all leads to my current thought about the USA elections and the change within some states. One group is in shock, denial, even anger because their state is changing. It isn’t the state they are used to it being. The population is changing and that does mean views change more than they stay the same

Change is difficult, unsettling, and inevitable.

My own country is seeing its change. One side is appearing to be more than what they were and the other is still what it has always been, but I have to say a bit muddled. I’ve changed. My core is the same, but I am entertaining the thought of voting for someone I never thought I would.

Be aware. Prepare. Be open.

Without change we stop growing. We cease to learn; to learn more and to learn it better. We lose our ability to compromise; capability; to see the other as ourselves.

Ourselves…now that is a loaded statement. I have seen some who I do not want to be any way associated with. Some I refuse to acknowledge have anything to teach me except the ugliness of humanity.

Lessons are not always pleasant or positive.

We do not live in a bubble. Sunshine and roses will bloom in the darkness, but there will be darkness. Not to say…and here’s the circle…darkness isn’t always unwelcomed. We need the darkness to see the stars we want to reach.

Change, you can try and change it. You can rant about it. Change will continue to change.

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