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I’ve been posting quite a bit about my body and how I’ve been paying attention to it, posting to my Life Becomes Understanding – my journey Facebook page. Some might be wondering why and that’s why I’m writing this longer version, explanation.

When you are able-bodied and then locked to a bed for three months having your blood and vitals taken twice a day, you end up learning more about the your physical being than you might ever have wanted to. You become humble. There are people, I know people, who cannot move as freely as I can (then and now) and that I took this ability for granted, yeah, never again. Okay, not as often, I have and will take my ability for granted. It’s the truth. Out of sight and out of thought we keep doing what we do, until, we can’t.

And then, we regret. We promise. We hope, pray. We work really attentively to build back up to our new normal. New normal. I still can’t do everything I used to do. My muscles are not as flexible as they were…I haven’t worked much on that aspect. I’m still cautious about kneeling or sitting on the floor, something I always did. Honestly, I haven’t sat on the floor for over two years. I’m afraid to in case I can’t get up.

Bloodwork has a whole new meaning for me. Do you know how much that red stuff tells about us? I’m alive because people gave up their blood.

I need to give that its own line…….I’M ALIVE BECAUSE PEOPLE GAVE UP THEIR BLOOD.


That still amazes me. I watched blood travel out of me in order to tell the doctors, nurses, how my body was really doing. I watched other people’s blood travel into me in order to help my own work.

There’s not many more words I can offer, well, yeah there are, but the idea is all the same. Blood is amazing.

It is part of life.

Without my heart, nothing moves. Without my lungs to breathe, heart won’t work. Without my liver and kidneys, I’m a waste fill. Without blood, there’s nothing to move anything.

So, yeah, I’m just a bit apologetic and appreciative to and of my body. It is downright magical…and forgiving.

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