The angel and the devil…


More multiples. Ones we’re familiar with – the two sides of ourselves sitting on our shoulders steering us to good and bad decisions. Mine have new images.

Calm Clown

Demon Cupcake.

If my anxiety is a Little Monster why can’t my others have their own identities too? This takes the pressure off. There’s no good, no bad, no fear or anxiety, there’s me and my aspects, my bits and pieces. We’re a team. I’m in control – the leader – looking after them, balancing them. In reality, I’m looking after me.

We’re all things. We’re not separate beings. We’re not this and not that, we’re a mixing scale. And I’ve found that the easiest way to deal and help myself is to view not the individual faces/emotions, but to recognize my totality. By pulling every part together any problem doesn’t stand a chance.

I’m not alone.

I am able to talk myself off any ledge, out of any mood, and find my path forward.

I won’t turn away from others’ help, but in a pinch, in that dark corner, my team has my back.

The famous “they” say to look at any problem with fresh eyes. No one said they have to have your same name?

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