How do I meditate, my process

First, I’m not very good at it and have no reason to think there is any “good at it” to be found. I meditate in order to make and take the time for me that is silent and self-gathering. I’ve shared my whys, today is about my how.

I start with tarot cards and affirmation cards and a 5-year journal, Q&A a Day for the Soul. All I’m looking for with these is a random prompt on how to view what may have crept into my mind.

Then I head to my desk and my Cubii…the foot pedestal elliptical I have there. I read through my journal reads…different daily books that, again, help guide me to relaxing and setting myself up to understand, me.

Then I move to the actual meditation. I use the app Insight Timer and have a bunch of presets, mostly I use what I labelled, walking, and it’s for 15 minutes. I close my eyes; breathe in slowly and out; keep peddling; and let my mind go.

I try to move active thoughts to the side. I try to let go of all thoughts. I try to follow through with whatever visual has popped up. I’ve followed birds and colours and fields, and I’ve followed thoughts down the rabbit holes and have brought myself out of meditation in the moods I wanted to leave behind. Sometimes it’s ahh-inspiring and other times, yeah, not so much.

Oh, I also have turned on our cable’s Stingray Nature music channel.

After the last gong from Insight Timer, I do a 2 minute meditation on my Fitbit app…think of it as a cooling down/shaking off.

I then record my time/experience in my Meditations book and the Mindfulness book…both from Insight Editions, most of my recording journals are from them.

Lately, after all this I’ve taken to my singing bowl for about 3 – 5 minutes.

From this point I continue with my journal entries and writings.

It works for me. You may find, probably will find, what works for you. There is no wrong way to meditate. Call it prayer if you are inclined.

It is time for you to step away from everything around you and what’s calling your attention. It’s a chance to breathe and be alone with yourself without any agenda like falling asleep or washing your hair…although, they can be meditative, too.

Try, it doesn’t hurt. Heck, tell the family you’re in meditation and simply read a magazine or paint your nails.

Take time for you.

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