The Post About Nothing

I’ve sat for ten minutes thinking nothing; looking at nothing; coming back to my thoughts to wonder what to type and share and could think of nothing. Here’s the post about nothing.

It’s the nothing we…believe we have all done it? Okay, I find myself, at times, just staring or sitting or at any time and activity and there truly is nothing going on. I’m not seeing what’s in front of me. I’m not thinking of anything…I mean, nothing at all, not even my usual worrying.

I’ve gotten lost in whatever I am automatically doing, like this morning, I’m pedaling on the Cubii and just feeling the motion of my legs and all the muscles. The rhythm of movement.

The comfort of repetitiveness. The comfort of stillness.

Non-active meditation? Non-realized meditation?

Something caught my attention…ten minutes ago…and now I’ve lost my train of thought and the feeling I had when I started writing about nothingness.

That’s how and what it means by going with the flow. When you allow your concentration to lead you. Sometimes you will find treasure and other times you’ll lose what you had going, either way you can only keep trying and follow where your self, yes, I meant to spell it that way, your mind, your being takes you.

As you pick your battles with others; pick the battles with self.

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