Chaos in the bouncy mind

There are times I think my mind is either a bouncy house or a pinball machine. Maybe a maze of clear walls able to see everything I want to do mixed with a few things I should be doing along with what others add.

It can be both invigorating and confusing. Which is why I’m so good with my personal databases, tasks list, calendar, and even alarms. That does sound like too much work. I know at first it is then it moves into an ease which I always appreciate.

Another thing I’m forcing on myself is handwriting my blogs before typing them. Right now this is a force. I can feel the pull to just go sit and type. Writing allows me to slow down and edit later. The laptop is great, but I find myself editing as I go, shortening my thoughts. Some of you might like that – go ahead and laugh, it’s good for you.

It’s the slowing down I need…especially on a bouncy mind day. I can feel my body relaxing and my mind settling. As I’m now typing this everything is moving fast and faster since I type faster than I write.

I’m getting back on track by following through – something my chaos doesn’t like admitting.

However, never become a slave to your schedule, plans, and lists. Some days you will need to toss them before they toss you.  Flexibility in everything. Okay, budgets might demand rigidity.

I stepped away for a minute and the thought process is gone.

That’s life, isn’t it? We plan and then follow what’s next.

Flexibility, more than how we bend.

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