General: The New Year Dumps

(warning…I purposely did not re-read the following before posting, I wanted it as it streamed out of me, maybe I’ll regret that, but I’ll risk it as sometimes we need that rough ramble)

Last week I was going to start the first blog posts with promises, but like a few plans, something else crept up and spoke louder.

The New Year Dumps…the after effects of the holiday’s business…the back to normal. Some get down during the December’s celebrations, me, I tend to feel it in January. It hit last night around 1:37am, I know cause I looked at my Fitbit and felt it sink in. Now awake and there’s another dull overcast colder semi-light of day, I’m feeling it pushing on the shoulders.

Now what.

I continue onwards. After all these decades, I’ve learned this feeling will pass, heck, I even know when it will start to pass…as life gets back into its groove. As the usual pays get deposited without any added spending, cause that gets back to normal. Waking up and getting to bed return to their structured times. Cleaning of the house gets less frenzied and empty spaces return as decorations are returned to their storage homes. The expected reality of winter weather is here and not hinting on the sidelines.

While I enjoy the holiday crazies, I need the calm of everyday living.

I should rename this the Normalcy Shockwave. That is what I’m feeling, really. I’m not down in the dumps. I’m not sad that the “holiday” is over. I’m not even burned out by the holiday season.

It’s the cold shower effect. The jarring awake from a chaotic dream. The dropping of a glass.

I’m waking up to my plain old normal life and I’ve missed it…didn’t know I was missing it. Welcome back.

Yes, it’s a New Year. A fresh page. A mental day 1 of a mental reboot. It doesn’t mean I wipe away the previous year…there were some great events that happened in 2023. It was another year with its own ups, downs, level moments…just like 2024 will be.

Today’s plan is the same as what I’ve been working to accomplish since this time last year, I’m just a little more awake from this last holiday than I was previously. If that doesn’t make sense to you, I’m okay with that, cause I know there’s a few of you who understand as you’re feeling it too.

Hello. It’s time to fill this new page and fill our chapter.

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