What I Learned: about to do lists

I use a task app on my cell to keep track of everything I want done in any given day. It’s attached to google and my email when I’m at the laptop. I find it easy and end up adding more to do/get/remind me as any day goes by.

Time consuming? It can be. I can end up going down the to-do-list-rabbit-hole way too easily.

However, I realized today, after using it for a few years now, it works and I am in control of it, not it controlling me.

I spent an hour or so, on and off, rearranging how I had things set up, what order is more convenient, logical, fits, and just plain doable. And when I use it, as I designed it, it does keep me on track and productive.

And fills my guilty as charged quota…those days I don’t accomplish my goals.

It’s not so much a, to do list, as a goal reminder. What I want out of my day…my non-timed appointment book. I haven’t run out of printer ink, pen ink, notebooks, or most anything else since I started setting reminders to pop up on my list. Each pay day I note what I may need to order that budget day then reset to the next pay day.

I keep a list for the dollarstore trip. A reminder for my weekly Artist Date as per Julia Cameron. What blog is due today or tomorrow? The delivery for that day and where I need to show up for my writing or direct sales businesses.

I keep marking each item off and it dutifully returns the next day or week as I need.

I’m in control and I rarely miss anything, unless I miss it on purpose.

I can no longer blame – I forgot. I knew what I wanted and I chose not to follow through.

I could keep rambling away about this, but the bluntness of my to do list is it keeps me on track as much as I want to be and it has made my timing more peaceful and productive…when I choose to listen to, not it, but my earlier slightly more in-tuned inner voice.

It’s making me prove myself to myself. To be responsible for my successes and failures. To acknowledge me to me, which should be enough for anyone.

What about your to do list?

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