What I’ve learned…

…from watching spider crabs.

Spider Crabs??? Right. Where the heck did I see Spider Crabs in Ontario, Canada? The Monterey Bay Aquarium animal cam via my laptop. These creatures are a bit freaky looking.

They do manage to stay still, though. If you watch them closely they are constantly either feeding or doing something close to their mouths, but the rest of them is still and patient. Even when they move it’s with slow calm steady movements. They’re not rushing to finishing anything or to disturb anything around them, not even each other.

I know this is their nature and all that, but when I decided to watch them while meditating it came to me that I could be that still; could be that patient; that relaxed…I have no idea if spider crabs are ever relaxed. But, I could be, if I allowed myself to be.

And for those moments I was. I watched this crab stand in total awareness of the other one moving toward it and it barely moving but still moving to make room. The two mimicking the other’s stance in what I’ll describe as perfect harmony.

Almost how we humans use to stand in line at the bank or grocery store before giving our attention to phones and our impatience to keep moving.

I don’t want to be…as in, BE the spider crab…but, I will try and remember what this freaking-looking animal showed me. Oh, one’s coming back in view, dang their legs are long…hinged or double joint knees? Wonder if they inspired the alien face-hugger in the movies?

Keep your eyes open and your awareness on.

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