What gets you going in the morning, from whenever you wake up?

Passion has often been mixed with something sexual, but many have and are learning that passion is what drives, excites, and is a deep part of ourselves. Our passion can be social or individual…think supporters of sport teams or knitting clubs.

We may not even know our passion. There may be a simple small tickle in the depths of our minds or running up and down our arms. The unease that there is something we should be doing. Something more.

It’s okay not to know.

It’s okay to know.

It’s okay if it’s all for yourself.

It’s okay if it’s for others.

And, it’s okay not to have a passion for anything.

The truth is to be true to you. There’s no wrong way to be you, to live your life.

Too many times we’re told we need to be doing something…more. That sitting at home reading or watching TV isn’t enough. Why isn’t it? Some could be told they’re doing too much. They need to slow down. Why?

Passion has no limit. It has no defined speed or volume.

My definition of personal passion…it’s what makes you the happiest you. All you need to learn is to listen and follow.

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