More than a to do list

I have my daily list. Those items I want to accomplish each day. Reminders of developing new habits. Too many ideas so I need to write them down/in.

Too scheduled? Maybe, for some, but for me, I need this list. Besides, I’m a Virgo and we love organized structure. Although, some parts of my life is just structure all set out into willy-nilly order.

The problem with To Do List, the end of day witness to items not crossed off, not looked at because non-listed items were done instead…the self-guilt.

Our lives are not lists, appointments, habits, or hobbies. Or anything else that could be labelled.

Our lives are fluid.

They are not confined to any label or structure – organized or not. We move through our daily life completing a multitude of list worthy notations. They’re just not on the list – they’re part of living. They’re responsibilities we have taken on, willingly and just because they need doing. Because life needs and demands them done.

Our lives are fluid. Make your list, but don’t forget that at the end of your day you accomplished more than what you see ticked off.

You and your day are more than meets any eyes.

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