Checking up on ourselves

There will be times you will be all you have available to check in and on yourself. That’s okay. Personal strength does come from inside and builds upon the choices we have made and the choices made for us. Decisions beyond our control.

Developing self is when we take care of ourselves; learn to depend on ourselves. It’s easier when we have a support system, of course.

It’s scary to think we may have only ourselves to pull us up; support us; love us; protect us; do what we have had others to help us with before. To thrive alone. No one ever wants to think about this happening.

Even with our family’s support and protection, there will be times you have to stand alone; defend alone. Battles that require you and you alone. Confrontations only you can face. If it was easy, we wouldn’t be burying our heads away from the thought.

Take the time to check in on yourself. Ask yourself the awkward uncomfortable questions and accept the answer you give…the answer that can change, it’s not written in stone.

Build yourself strong. Build yourself in truth.

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