Busyness or Life

I had started to write about something else today, but as I was multitasking on my Cubii and working my brain with Nintendo’s brain quiz I couldn’t help wonder if we order our days in such a way to seem busy and filled or are we actually living.

Simpler put…are we doing too much? Trying too hard? For what end?

I know from my recent past how valuable our bodies are. How each system supports the other and how weak and helpless we become if something is out of whack. That we control this and nowhere or no-one else is to blame should it go haywire. I’m not saying we cause cancer or heart disease or any ailment as sometimes that’s just part of our being.

It’s what we do with our being that is in our control…as much as we can control anything, which then leads directly to the thought do we have any control over anything.

Back to…are we filling time with stuff in order to seem fulfilled and living or are we living fully. Even now I just checked in on one of many Facebook pages, one of five direct sales businesses I’m working at.

Five? Why so many? Maybe I am crazy or just lost focus, but each business feeds a different part of me. Each brings me something that makes me smile. There is an audience for each of these companies which then brings me into contact with people I might never have met. And, I’ve learned from each of them.

Is that enough? For me, yes. Because I won’t stop being friends with some of these people should I leave the companies, but I will lose contact with others.

It’s about weighing our options and valuables. These companies are valuable to me for different reasons and give back to me in different ways. It works for me.

So, then explain why I have five websites? Why not keep them all under one umbrella? Well, one is erotic writing and I want that a bit separate from everything. I think it’s fair to allow those around me to mix where they feel comfortable. Call it marketing or a writing advantage, but having another fictional identity gives me freedom to step outside of myself. And that brings us to my romantic author identity. I’ve never thought of myself as a romantic and am not a true romance reader, but here I am with characters and stories knocking around in my imagination.

I’m also a reviewer, so there’s that site for dedication to others. I’m a writer, editor…okay, I multi-task via my multiple personality hats.

Busyness or life? When it stops adding to my life then it’s just being busy to be busy.

Guess Life really does Become Understanding…of one’s self. Guess that’s why I created this site. A place for me to re-evaluate myself. To share parts of myself I have left in my journal pages. My place to be quietly out there in the world.

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