This started with searching for a topic to talk about, one I haven’t already addressed in some other way, then it developed into searching for _____________ and I’ve lost that thought from writing pad to screen. I have no idea what I was thinking, but it felt real. Something more than what I’m now typing.

Something that I couldn’t get down with pen and paper, but needed the speed of typing.

And, now I’ve lost it. Thought maybe if I kept typing it would come back to me. As you can tell, no such luck.

However, the concept of searching can cover a multitude of areas of life from the realistic to the spiritual to the unknown, even to the imagination. People talk about learning and to never stop, but that implies becoming to know something. I’m thinking maybe it’s better to never stop searching.

Keep searching for whatever answers you are asking, not to find the answer that you want or need to hear, but just to keep open.

Isn’t it also said we should be like a sponge so we can absorb knowledge?

I think I’m more an open room gathering anything and everything and I’m searching for the next bit to add. Some may think that’s not fulfilling, not satisfying, not a complete whatever. Okay, for them they may need a type of closure.

I don’t want the search to end. I have always seen life and my surroundings as more than what’s in front of me. How far up into the sky can I see? How deep are our waters and earth? The cat, skunk, bird, what, how…

Is there…? What happens next? What if?

This didn’t start how I intended, but where it’s taken me has sure been something.

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