The Beginning

The idea, concept, for this website was to explore and share my life and how I’ve changed. My journey and maybe your own. It came about after my hospital stay during my cancer chapter.

While in the hospital some of dad’s words and business/life lessons kept coming back to me regarding people. These I want to share today:

  1. Shake their hand like you mean it. This doesn’t mean a power grip, domination game, and most definitely not the limp cold or damp fish shake. Firm handshake to someone equal to you.
  2. Look them in their eye. They are worth your respect – you are worth respect.
  3. Learn everyone’s name. Learn what/who, they want to be called. It’s, again, respect. They are an individual.
  4. No one is beneath you or superior to you. Everyone poops. Okay, that’s been edited from what dad really said; same concept different word.

What my dad meant was that everyone matters. Sure, you will have and maybe a boss, but that doesn’t make either of you better, more.

My medical team included/includes too many professions to name, without fear of missing one or two, but each person has helped me to heal and live. And that has brought me here, a life path a part of me has been travelling for some time now.

I’m still learning to understand.

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